Books We Love...

This list is going to grow exponentially as I get the time to update it! I've sorted it into 'Technical', 'Inspirational' and 'Fiction', but you can sort through several other categories by clicking on the 'category' or 'author' tag to sort the list. Or click the image for the Amazon link to buy them (I get no cut of this by the way, it's just for fun)! 

As an aside, Mia and I always try to buy secondhand books - a great source is We also highly value local bookstores, buying locally whenever we can. Most cities we visit, big or small, have used bookstores - seeking them out is part of the fun of travel!

Technical Books

Inspirational & Other Non-Technical Books

Fiction Books (for the long night watches!)

Reader Recommended...

The following are books we haven't read, but our fans have. Check out what they recommend!

Did we miss one?