Annapolis Sailboat Show 2018

We are coming back for the Annapolis Boat Show once again! Instead of having a booth at the show this year, we decided to host a couple of events and hope you like to join us! 

See Andy & Mia at the show!

59 North Sailing Events


We will have our crew t-shirts ready at the show. Order your in advance and pick up at the show!

We are ordering crew shirts for Isbjorn and wanted to give you the opportunity to order your own, and pick up in Annapolis at the presentation.

We are working closely with a small business in Maine and they have sourced ORGANIC cotton shirts for us. T-shirts come in both Men & Women style, and different sizes.

Note that last day to order is September 16!

Boat Show tips!

  • Minimize your waste during the show! Bring your own mug, cup or water bottle. Bring your own canvas bags for the shopping and say no to everything disposable plastic. We like to take pictures of interesting stuff rather than collecting heavy brochures and promotional material.. #saynotoplastic #dontbedick

  • Check out the show deals at Helly Hansen, on Main Street and at the show booth!

Say hi to our friends at the show!

  • Forbes Horton Yachts: Looking for your dream boat? Talk to Forbes!

  • Chesapeake Sailmakers: F1 // Chuck & his team have been our sailmakers for over 12 years!

  • Colligo Marine: D15-6 // Curious about synthetic rigging? John Franta is your man!

  • ATN: A6 // Etienne and his mastclimber are the most entertaining booth at the show!

  • Helly Hansen: Get your new sailing gear (before the rain comes)!

  • WRI - Weather Routing Inc.: K14// Jeremy Davis & the team at WRI got us into the Arctic - and back! - safely.

  • Weems & Plath: C-TENT // Don't miss their tent sale over in Eastport, or visit their booth in the show!

  • Sun Powered Yachts: O16 // Our friends Lyall & Kaitie from the WCC days started their own solar power company!

  • SeaPilot: K19 // The only electronic charts we use on ISBJORN & ICE BEAR. Foundation of our iPad Nav setup.

  • BRNKL: VB4 // Remote boat monitoring - we've got one on ISBJORN while she's in Portugal for the fall.

  • Port Annapolis: C39 // Our home marina when Isbjorn is in Annapolis. Nice place & nice people!

  • Nautor's Swan: DOCK F2 // Check out ISBJORN & ICE BEAR's sisterships. Still make some damn sexy boats!