Annapolis Sailboat Show 2019

October 10 - 14, 2019

It’s BOAT SHOW Time!!

Welp, this wasn’t in the plan in the first place, but we are STOKED to announce that ICEBEAR will be IN the Annapolis Sailboat Show! Come meet the 59º North team AND Brian & Brady from SV Delos on the NORTH T off of Dock E2 (see map below). You’ll need a boat show ticket to come see the boat inside the show.

Make sure to follow @59northsailing on Instagram to find out when Andy & Mia and Brian & Brady will be available to chat at the boat - it’s a very busy time for all of us, but follow our Insta Stories for the latest times.

You’ll also get a chance to meet some of the rest of the 59º North team, including Ben & Emma, Andy’s Dad Dennis and some former crew who have been offshore with us before and can share their sea stories!


59º North Sailing Events 2019

Oct. 10-14: Visit ICEBEAR: North T, off Dock E2 (see map above).

Oct. 11: Sail with us on the Schooner WOODWIND! - SOLD OUT

Oct. 11:
Happy Hour w/ SV Delos & Sailing Totem - SOLD OUT

Oct. 13: How WE Think About Sailing Panel, Ram’s Head OnStage - Tickets still available! Hosted by Andy & Mia, and featuring John Harries, Meg & Morgen, Brian Trautman & Pete Goss!

Oct. 13: 80º North // SV Delos Film Screening, Ram’s Head OnStage - SOLD OUT

For last-minute changes, additions and to see when we’ll be at ICEBEAR to meet, follow @59northsailing on Instagram and pay attention to our ‘Insta stories’ during the show!

"How We Think About Sailing" // Annapolis, MD // $35pp
3 available

59 North Shop // Swag

New t-shirts - men’s & women’s styles - available for purchase at the show! You can also pick up a copy of the 2nd-Edition of our 80º North book, and we’ll sign it for you!

All merch available for purchase at ICEBEAR inside the show, and at the panel on Sunday Oct. 13.


Boat Show tips!

  • Minimize your waste during the show! Bring your own mug, cup or water bottle for refills.

  • Bring your own canvas bags for the shopping and say no to everything disposable plastic.

  • We like to take pictures of interesting stuff rather than collecting heavy brochures and promotional material.

    #saynotoplastic #dontbedick