ISBJORN OFFSHORE: Alone in an empty sea

14 June, 2017


I'm a manly, manly man. Just took an ice cold shower in the cockpit outside. I sent the crew below so I could be comfortably naked. But man is that refreshing! The seawater temp is 62, and the tank water perhaps a degree or two warmer. Wakes you up!

It's cleanup day on Isbjorn. We've been at sea now almost 4 days, have sailed 575 miles and been through some rough weather. The skies finally cleared around 0300 this morning and the wind & seas have abated slightly, so time for showers and a boat cleanup today (partly inspired by a full French press of coffee that exploded in the galley, grounds and all, earlier this morning...). I'm in charge of heads, Mia galley & floor, the crew scrubbing the cockpit. Nice to get a fresh start in the cleanliness department.

Not much else to report. The past 24 hours were rough & windy, wind speeds in the low 30s at times, seas lumpy and confused. We spent 18 hours running ENE under triple-reefed mainsail, then gybed at 0200 today and finally reset some jib. We're back on course for Scotland and hope to hold this SW'ly breeze for a few more days.

We're alone out here for a change. All the ARC Europe boats are bound for Portugal, and those who did come north are headed more towards the English Channel. We've not seen any ships or boats since day 1, nor any wildlife save for a few seabirds and a whale near Terceira. Feels nice in a way, but also more exposed.

Fun Fact: Yesterday at one point we were equidistant from both Oban, Scotland and St. John's, Newfoundland.