PHOTOS: '17 Leg 4 BVI - Grenadines - BVI

A well deserved swim in Bequia after the sail down from the BVI!

A well deserved swim in Bequia after the sail down from the BVI!

The last Caribbean trip for a while and it is a bit bittersweet! Crew joined us up in Trellis Bay, BVI and the plan to stay there for the night changed quickly. The wind swung us around a bit too close to a nearby boat and since we had to re-anchor anyway, we decided to head over to Spanish Town straight away where we had to clear out of customs before departing the BVI. 

The trip south to Bequia was very uneventful with smooth sailing and no seasickness. The two days in Bequia were spent exploring the town and the following day a 5-hr hike with our amazing guide Martine! Such a highlight despite the lack of water! We had a lobster feast and set off to Tobago Cays, a first for all of us! To add a bit of a challenge we navigated there strictly with no GPS, taking sights of the passing islands with hand bearing compass and eyeball navigation once we arrived to Tobago Cays. This was truly another highlight of the trip, swimming with turtles all around and a beach bbq with more lobster and plantain than we could eat! 

It was a quick stop in a very quiet Union Island to clear out of customs; we arrived on a Sunday! The trip back to the BVI started off great with 99 nm in the first 12 hr. The wind very quickly got lighter and lighter and became nonexistent the last 12 hrs. Great trip, great crew and very fond memories of the Caribbean!

2017 Leg 4: BVI - Grenadines - BVI