PHOTOS: '16 Leg 8: St. John's to Lunenburg via St. Pierre

Sun's out, guns out! Leaving St. Pierre under a blue sky! Dan and David ready to hoist the main!

After a fun and relaxing week up in St. John's, Newfoundland, David and Dough arrived a few days early to explore the town before departing south towards Lunenburg. Dan, our 3rd crew, sailed with us up from Lunenburg and stayed onboard during the stop over in St. John's. As we departed, the fog rolled in pretty quickly and we had a nice cruise down to St. Pierre, arriving early in the morning in thick fog. St. Pierre really surprised us and the crew, amazing food, great hiking and the deserts people just could dream of. The fog lifted and we had a few sunny days in St. Pierre before setting sail towards Lunenburg.

Thanks to a calm, we steered towards Sable Island and as we got closer, the fog lifted and we spotted tons of seals and horses on the beaches of this very magical sandy island in the middle of the ocean.  Unfortunately we did not have permission to go ashore. We took advantage of the calm and went for a nice swim and just as we pulled up the ladder, the wind picked up and we had a great 30+ hours of fantastic spinnaker sailing before we reached our final destination Lunenburg, Nova Scotia!

2016 Leg 8: St. John's to Lunenburg, via St. Pierre

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