WRI Weather Forecast for leaving St. Johns

On the 26th, a ridge of high pressure will extend from 40N/60W
NE'ward through Newfoundland and will shift east of Newfoundland through the
27th.  To the west, a low pressure centered over the E'rn St Lawrence River
Valley willmove ENE'ward over Labrador through the 28th. An accompanying cold
front will extend SW'ward over W'rn Nova Scotia on the morning of the 26th and
will move E'ward over the E'rn Gulf of St Lawrence through Cabot Strait by
midday on the 27th, after undergoing some weakening.  The front will weaken
into a trough as it moves over Newfoundland the night of the 27th into the

In the long range, a moderately strong ridge of high pressure is forecast to
extend NE'ward through E'rn Nova Scotia to Newfoundland on the 04th and will
shift east of Newfoundland through the 05th. A cold front is forecast to extend
SW'ward from E'rn Labrador through W'rn Nova Scotia on the night of the 04th
and move east of Cabot Strait and Newfoundland on the late 05th.  Broad high
pressure is forecast to build from E'rn New England east through New Foundland
late 05th into the 06th and persist through the early 07th.

LIMIT OF ALL KNOWN ICE FOR 24 July 2016 1200 UTCAT46.8N/53.1W,
46.0N/47.5W,  46.3N/45.0W,  47.3N/44.8W,  48.8N/44.8W,  53.0N/47.3W,
57.0N/52.0W,  THEN EASTWARD.

Conclusions:  A departure from Saint Johns on the 26th is valid. Recommend a
most direct route to the Ramea Islands via abeam Cape Race and south of St

An overall benign weather window with limited sailing will be in place for the
26th, with the best opportunity for winds from west of Cape St Mary's to just
west of St Pierre.   From Saint Johns to Cape Race on the 26th, light to gentle
S'ly breezes will vary with onshore E-SE'ly sea breezes due to the weak ridge
in place, with motoring necessary given the head winds.  Light S-SE'lys will
then persist from Cape Race to near 54-30W late 26th into the 27th, before
freshening ahead of the approaching cold front. Moderate SE-S-SW'ly beam to
broad reaching breezes will occur from 54-30W to west of St Pierre on the 27th,
with light to gentle SW'ly breezes onward to Ramea late 27th into the 28th.

S-SW'ly swells will range from 3-5 ft rounding Cape Race, then abate west of
there while becoming more S-SE'ly.  A slight rebuilding of these swells will
occur just east of St Pierre onward to the Ramea Islands.  These swells will
average 6-8 seconds apart.

Please note that similar weather windows with S'ly breezes fluctuating in
strength will be in place for the next 7 days.

Long Range Outlook: As for the long range window between Ramea and Halifax late
next week, the 04th looks to offer a better window than the 05th, with a most
direct route being valid.  With the front moving over Nova Scotia during the
middle of next week, a freshening of SW'ly breezes is expected over Cabot
Strait on the 04th and 05th which would yield close hauled to close reaching
angles to work with.  Winds would then shift to NW-N'ly near E'rn Nova Scotia,
with lighter airs from south of Canso Strait W'ward toward Halifax later the
05th through the 07th (these lighter airs will spread east over Cabot Strait
and Newfoundland on the 05th-06th).   We do not expect any significant swells
at this time, with swells looking to peak near 5 ft.  Please note this is in
the long range and subject to change.

Best Regards, Weather Routing Inc. (WRI)