WRI Weather Outlook, Lunenburg-Newfoundland

To: Captain, Isbjorn
Prepared: July 11 15:30z

Synopsis:  A gale centered southeast of Nova Scotia near 43N/57W this morning
will move NE'ward to north of Newfoundland through tomorrow, then move E'ward.
An area of high pressure will move offshore of New Jersey tomorrow morning and
will move SE'ward toward Bermuda through the 13th.

A broad low will be centered over NW'rn Quebec by the morning of the 14th and
will move E'ward offshore Labrador along 55N through the 16th. Associated
strong cyclonic circulation will cover waters from the Gulf of St Lawrence
south to along Nova Scotia and Newfoundland on the 14th and will persist
through the late 15th, before weakening.  A cold front will extend from the Bay
of Fundy Sw'ward through Virginia on the morning of the 16th and will weaken as
it stalls offshore of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland through the 18th.

Conclusions:   Out of your options, we recommend departing from Lunenburg on
the afternoon of the 13th via a direct RL to abeam Cape Race, then direct to
Saint Johns.  This will provide overall better sailing winds than a 12th
departure, with the 12th featuring light airs for a majority of the first 36
hours due to ridge of high pressure building north (lengthy motoring would be
needed).  The 13th will yield overall higher seas, these concerns are addressed

For the 13th, gentle to moderate beam to broach reaching S-SW'ly winds will be
in place for the first 12-18 hours, following by a rapid freshening from west
of Canso Strait  through open waters south of Cabot Strait.  These winds will
become fresh to strong sustained at a persistent broad reaching angle, with
near gale to gale force gusts likely. These winds will persist toward 56W,
before gradually easing to Saint John while becoming broad reaching to, at
times, running.   Moderate period SW'ly swells will gradually build as you
progress east, with sets peaking at 8-9 ft south of Cabot Strait (these will be
mainly on the vessel's starboard quarter to stern.   Additionally, there will
be areas of patchy to dense fog for much of the transit due to warm S'ly flow
over the colder waters  - this will be unavoidable over the next 7 days given
the pattern in place.

If these conditions are too rough for your liking, please note that the 12th
would also include similar rough conditions nearing S'rn Newfoundland and we
would therefore suggest a delay in Lunenburg until the 15th.  Please keep us
advised of your intentions, many thanks.

Best Regards, Weather Routing Inc. (WRI)

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