Weather Forecast for Lunenburg Departure

The Leg 6 crew has arrived and we're about 18 hours from departure! It's thunderstorming in Annapolis right now, so it's nice to be at the dock, but the weather offshore looks like we'll get a mix of everything. Here's the latest from our partners at WRI, below.

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To: Captain, Isbjorn
Prepared: July 01 21:31z

Synopsis: Low pressure over sw'rn Quebec with a cold front from the w'rn Gulf
of Maine sw'ward to ne'rn North Carolina tomorrow morning will move e'ward and
extend from w'rn Newfoundland sw'ward to near 40N/55W, then continue sw'ward to
s'rn North Carolina on the morning of the 03rd. High pressure over s'rn
Pennsylvania on the morning of the 03rd will move se'ward offshore Delaware
that afternoon before weakening that evening. A cold front over e'rn New
England by evening of the 03rd will move e'ward and reach e'rn Nova Scotia
sw'ward to e'rn long Island by afternoon the 04th. This front will lift ne'ward
over the e'rn Gulf of Maine and south of Nova Scotia overnight the 04th. A
series of lows will move offshore se'rn Virginia and move e'ward along 37N to
65W on the 04th through 07th. High pressure will build over n'rn New England
overnight the 05th and move se'ward over the Gulf of Maine by afternoon the
06th, then drift south of Nova Scotia overnight the 06th. This high will move
se'ward to near 41N/57W by the morning of the 08th. Another cold front will
gradually move se'ward over the n'rn Gulf of St. Lawrence and n'rn New
Brunswick and Maine by evening of the 08th.

Conclusion: Direct routing to/through the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, then
direct to abeam Cape May is valid with mainly light to moderate NW'ly breezes
to abeam Cape May. From Cape May, recommend direct routing to Lunenburg,
passing north of Georges Bank. Light NW breezes will veer to NE-E-SE breezes
through the day on the 03rd, so motoring is likely at this time. Overnight the
03rd, the winds will continue to veer to S-SW breezes and become moderate, then
the SW breezes will freshen during the day on the 04th. The winds will ease and
veer as the front passes through overnight the 05th from SW to NE. The light NE
breezes will last through the 05th and overnight 05th, so motoring is likely
yet again. The winds will veer to E-SE light breezes during the morning of the
06th, then become S'ly in the day on the 06th. Near the Nova Scotia coast,
these breezes may have moderate puffs due to sea breezes in the afternoon. The
winds will ease and become more SW-W'ly overnight the 06th through 07th. Expect
mainly low to moderate SW swells from Cape May to Lunenburg.

The vessel may encounter a brief counter current of 0.5kts on the morning of
the 04th but this will quickly weaken. Currents will be relatively weak for
much of the trip. Visibility appears good (up to 7-10nm) for the majority of
the trip.

Best Regards, Weather Routing Inc. (WRI)

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