Reflections on my life as a professional sailor. by Paul Exner.

"Only in the self control of our thoughts are we free."

Paul Exner's idea of the Modern Geographic Expedition...

To separate our attention from non-original ideas has become more and more difficult in this hyper-connected age of internet as changed by social media and it's influence. More than ever before in my lifetime, at age 50 do I see, feel, and experience how we as individuals have been enabled to market ourselves using our vanity through imagery and words of accompanying summary; but in what way have we improved the true connectivity between us?

At this very moment, I am selling you my ideas. How does that change the direction of your life? Should my action affect change on your life; to what extent do you self-realize something from your experience with me?

I haven't checked my phone in a week; therefore, I exist. I've spent time with you sailing aboard the SV Solstice (an organic creation & experience).

Do I worry that someone is trying to hire me to take them sailing at a future date, but since it took "much" time to return their call because I don't check my messages until after I'm ashore? I truly am concerned a little, but have either of us lost or gained? Did they go elsewhere for this service they called me for? I hope they found what they're looking for. Do I struggle with my will-power to react immediately to fulfill the learned urge to act on a well understood model for booking financial and emotional transactions through instantaneous response? Not too much, maybe a little.

Because I can only be in one place at one time, if I sell you my ideas (now) through social media (and through the digital archives of my cyber existence), perhaps you'll want to spend time sailing with me in the future. But, what I can assure you is that the true benefit of my attention to your concerns while sailing with me does not stem from an accepted curriculum, nor accredited organization, nor through any previously approved governing body...what we accomplish together is happening real-time, and it never happened before, nor will it ever happen again. I am truly skilled at helping you derive your own experience, and through this "talent" I have for the technical art of sailing and my ability to empower your discovery of your potential...those who sail with me advance.

What goes un-said is more important than what is, because real work and productivity occurs through self-reflection and hands-on action or doing. The pre-activity brief, and post de-brief may help culminate learning; however, unless the cerebral revelation of the fundamental mechanics of a subject are clearly presented, the learning is curtailed and the time/experience is dulled. I don't believe I should sell you anecdotal recipes to sail a boat, nor live your life at sea.

The experience speaks for itself.

Kind Regards,
Paul Exner

Reflections on my work following Modern Geographic Sailing Expedition #67