RORC Caribbean 600 update

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RORC Caribbean 600 race course

Isbjörn is well under way in the RORC Caribbean 600. The first 3 boats have already finished the race, with the trimaran Phadeo3 breaking the record from last year and finishing in just under 32 hours, impressive!

Isbjörn is currently to the east of Guadeloupe after a long beat from St. Martin and Tintamare. Andy had plans to send in updates to the blog but it sounds like the conditions a re far from the normal cruising we are doing. I have to make due with quick short text YB messages from him until they finish the race!

22 Feb, 19.15 
Hey! Going to bed. We're flying! Full moon spinnaker sailing!

24 Feb, 03.40 am
Squally night! Just passed Sirens Tigress again, back and forth with them, good fun! Super tiring sailing, can't do anything except sail. Boat’s a mess below but people having fun! No dinner last night.

24 Feb, 09.25 am
Thanks. This is the hardest physical endurance thing I've ever done! It's honking and were pushing so hard! Having fun, but man is it brutal!

24 Feb, 11.26am
Hej! Im a baked potato! My 8-12 watch in the AM is sunny with no bimini. No time to blog (or cook!), so please put a post up.

Don't miss to check out the video of Isbjörn, featured on the RORC facebook page!

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