Isbjorn update - on the way back to BVI

Another update from Andy. He is sending me short and sweet texts from our YB tracker we have onboard. It tracks our position and we can send short messages from it. Even the crew can download their app and send messages to the loved ones at home via their own smartphone! It works great as a short communication system and I can reply back straight from my email. Since you pay per caracter, the messages are pretty short..

Anyway, Isbjorn is heading back to BVI after yesterday's jib jam. Andy has a feeling it may be more than just a jam and we have learned to follow our feeling and always put boat safety first. 

The update from Andy today, including a few comments from the crew:

Andy: "We're back to being a sailboat again. Hoisted the trysail around noon when the main split at the seams. Slow sailing for a few hours. Just hoisted the inner forestry now. Back to 7 knots! Headed for Trellis Bay to grab a mooring and enjoy Duff's Island Last Resort! Coffee and omelette for lunch, first hot food in two days! Much better downwind! "

Dan: "I actually think even higher of you guys now after seeing how we handled all this stuff. Really cool learning experience." 

Todd: "I'm going to celebrate hoisting the forestaysail by eating an Oats & Honey granola bar!"

Thanks Dennis for the unlimited supply of Granola bars you bought before the C1500 last fall, sounds like they are appreciated! 

We have great friends and support in the BVI and it will be a great place to head back to to evaluate and fix potential issues.

The crew on the next leg has been notified by email