Update from Isbjorn - Happy Birthday Todd!

Isbjörn is under way, and they are sailing fast! Andy and crew sailed out from BVI yesterday morning and are already west of Guadalopue. Check out the latest position via our YB tracker that updates several times a day: 59-north.com/tracking

Fast windy sailing and I would be surprised if at least one of the crew is not seasick. Andy topped up the sat phone just before leaving but can not get it to work. Since Ocens that we use as our Sat Phone provider are located on the West Coast, I have to wait another hour until until they wake up and I can call them and try to get it to work..

In the meantime, Andy sent me a message from the YB tracker we have onboard:

"Hi Guys! Sat phone still not working. It's very rough and very windy - the Trades are kicking! 25 knots close reaching, touching 30 overnight. Gorgeous weather, huge moon and friendly puffy clouds. Boat hot and wet below with leaks in the head skylight. Please write a blog Mia! "

It sounds like they are having some great sailing, and they are going fast! They will be down in the Grenadines in no time!

Today is crew member Todd's birthday, I can imagine they are celebrating him well but Andy was not very confident in the cake baking skills in this kind of conditions. Maybe they saved some from yesterdays celebration?


Isbjorn: Tuesday January 26, 2016. 07.00EST