Isbjorn update

A quick update from Andy and Isbjorn. He called me this evening around 1900 AST. When they rolled up the jib to tack over to head for the island of Guadalope (the planned stop on the trip south), the headsail jammed. Andy is not comfortable to continue upwind in the dark with a potential issue so they have turned "back" on a broadreach. It's blowing pretty hard, around 30kt gusting to 35kt and they will evaluate tomorrow morning when the sun comes up.  

The crew is having a great time and the spirit is high onboard, despite the strong winds no one is seasick and Andy was complimenting the crew in handling the boat in those conditions!

It may not be an issue with the furler, but Andy don't want to risk beating into the strong headwinds all night without being able to take a closer look at it.  Just like Andy said in the first blog post "Boat first..."!

It always happens in the dark right?

Check back tomorrow for a new update...