Sojourner trip north - Day 3

Andy called me (Mia) this morning around 9.30 am. It is a bit too rough to sit at the computer and type. Andy is not going to write a blog himself, so I'll try to summarize what he said over the sat phone instead..

Position: 5 April 9.30 am: 31° 03’N / 075° 44’W
Wind: NE 30kt, sunny
Boat speed: 5 kt

The expected cold front came through last night on Jim's watch, the sails were reefed but quickly the boat was overpowered and eventually took all sails down. The moon was hiding behind the clouds but was still bright enough that they didn't need headlamps when they were working up on the fore-deck. As you can tell on their position, they didn't make any progress over night. At 8am this morning they got a reefed main up and were sailing along on 5kt. Sun is shining but the waves are still very big so they are close reaching under a small piece of main.

Everyone is ding great onboard and it sound like they are having a fun time!

More updates will come tomorrow, hopefully a 'real blog' from Andy and the crew!

Cheers, Mia

April 5 2015, 9.30 am:  31° 03’N / 075° 44’W