Sailing with the girls from Team SCA

What a Wednesday! Mia and I were invited to New York City yesterday to go sailing for a few hours with Sara HastreiterElodie Mettraux, two of the girls from the Volvo Ocean Race's Team SCA who have rotated off this next ocean leg to Newport, RI, and a few of the support staff on the team's TP52. Sara, for her part, was disappointed not to be sailing the leg to the USA, and her adopted hometown of Newport, but she understood (and, she just complete the Southern Ocean leg, via Cape Horn. "If I hadn't gotten to do that leg, I feel like I would need to do the whole race again! So that was cool"). Elodie, on the other hand, was relieved to get some rest and time to visit family back in Europe. Both of them were super cool, great to chat with, and surprisingly tall. 

Enjoy some photos from the day for now, and look for a couple of podcasts to follow in the next weeks. One other cool, unexpected person we met was sailing photographer Billy Black, whom we ate lunch with on the TP52 after the day's sailing. He was in the chase boat. Hope to have him on the podcast too, so stay tuned!