Another fast day at sea...

It was another fast day for Serenity on their way from Grenada back to the BVI. So fast that the crew has decided to stop in St. Croix on the way to Tortola..

Serenity in Grenada

Position February 24, 2015 8am
16°41’N 63°49’W

When i spoke to Andy, they were about 80nm from, St. Croix and since it the island is almost on the way to the BVI, and since the trip has been way faster than expected, they have decided to stop there for a day. They expect to arrive sometime tonight, and leave for Tortola on Thursday.

On the way out of Grenada they saw a big sea turtle, and there has been plenty of sea birds hanging around the boat. No dolphins except some on the way down.

The sea state has been rough at times and apparently the first night no dinner was made, so a little bit of rough weathers.  They cooked a nice veggie stir-fry last night though. Jake has tried to fish but they haven't caught any so far, maybe the equipment or the fisherman?

Sounds like they all are having a great time, I am very excited to see some pictures from the trip! I am sure you are as well!

Serenity only 80 nm, from St. Croix at 9 am February 24. St. Croix and BVI is marked with yellow text on the picture, click on the photo to see it bigger.