Fast sailing on Serenity

Serenity had a great first 24hr run from Grenada. When i spoke to Andy at 9am this morning, they still had 1 hr to go until they had been at sea for 24hr. And they had already covered 160nm! Very impressive! 

Position at 9 am, 2015.02.23
14°30’N 62°52’W
Wind: 15-20 kt

Last evening and night was a bit squally, with gusts above 30kt. During Tom & Jake's watch, they got the speed record for the trip of 10.7kt! When i spoke to Andy, they were having a lovely sail under full genoa and 15kt of wind on the beam!

The crew really enjoyed to read the comments when they arrived to Grenada, so if you read the blog, please remember to add a quick (or long) comment.

14°30’N 62°52’W at 9am, February 23 2015.