Serenity update 2015.02.16 8am

Hi Everyone!

Position 2015.02.16 8am (13 local time in Sweden where I am at the moment):
17°00’N 63°45’W
15 kt of wind

I got a phone call from Andy today with their updated position. They are having a great time, had a lovely sail with 10kt of wind during the night and 15kt of wind when he called at eight in the morning. The night was pretty dark with no moon, but they all enjoyed it.

One of the crew got a little seasick (not sure who) over night but according to Andy recovered quickly. No swimming yet but I think that's only a question on time, I am sure they will slow the boat down one of the days and go for a swim in the ocean!

It was great to hear from them and I make sure to ask more questions next time so I can update you with some fun info tomorrow.

Serenity's position at 8am local time / EST. BVi where they departed are the group of islands to the right of Puerto Rico.