Podcast Preview: Trimaran Geronimo Takes on the Pacific

This is cool. I spoke with Jean-Charles & Antoine, the skipper & mate of the VPLP cat Tosca today in Bermuda. The conversation will be on the 59º North Podcast sometime next week, but I wanted to share this first for a little preview. Turns out Jean-Charles & Antoine were both crew onboard the VPLP tri Geronimo when they set just about every sailing speed record on the books (including the Jules Verne trophy, round-the-world nonstop in 63 days!). Jean-Charles sent me this YouTube video of Geronimo in the pacific. Some fun stats - their top speed was 46 knots (!), and best days run over 650 miles. (Tosca, by the way, is no slouch either - the 61-foot carbon fiber cat, also a VPLP design, sailed from Portsmouth, VA to Bermuda in 3 days! Top speed: 18 knots). Here's the video: