Arctic Sailing with Erik de Jong on 'Bagheera'

This is a difficult one to post, because Erik first asked Mia and I to sail with him, south from Baffin Island to Halifax in September. Alas, we'll be in Sweden (sailing on our own boat), but what an experience this could be! All the photos here are courtesy of Erik de Jong.

Anyway, I've been talking with Erik a lot, and he's got several bunks available for his summer cruise to Greenland starting May 18. (By the way, Erik was on the podcast a few episodes back - listen here for more info on him and what he does with Bagheera). So I'm enthusiastically helping him to fill them!

Erik's story is pretty amazing - listen to the podcast to hear it from him - his parents are as into sailing as he is, and as a unit, they've been as far north as Spitsbergen and back and forth across the Atlantic a bunch of times. Erik and his dad actually built Bagheera in their backyard in Holland, and Erik crossed the far north Atlantic to Halifax on the boat's maiden voyage (where he now lives and works as a ship designer - in fact, he's responsible for designing the Adventure 40 that John Harries has written so much about on And Erik's only 32! 

I'm planning a trip up to Halifax to pick Erik's brain about sailing the coast of Norway and Spitsbergen, but I won't get the chance to sail with him until at least next year. Here's yours.

From Erik:

"I have the following bunks still available:

Halifax to Nuuk: 14 day delivery from Canada to Greenland, two places available. May 18th to 31st. USD 1080 per person.

Nuuk to Ilulissat: 14 day coastal trip in Greenland, two places available. 02 to 15 June. USD 2550 per person.

Disko Bay area: 14 days in central Greenland, two places available. Sailing between Killer whales, bowhead whales and huge Icebergs. Coastal sailing. 16 to 29 June. USD 2550 per person.

Farthest North Expedition: 3 weeks, what's in a name? This is what we will do, sail north till the ice won't let us go any further. Two places available. 13 of August to 02 of September. USD 5750 per person.

Delivery from Baffin Island to Halifax: Max. 4 persons USD 1500 per person, 2 weeks starting September 3rd. If desired, we can make it 3 weeks and spend some time along the coast of Baffin Island.

The above prices include 3 meals a day, drinks, bed linens, etc. It does NOT inlcude: airfares, hotels etc. on the way to the vessel, or after leaving the vessel nor does it include alcoholic beverages."

So get on it people, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! Hopefully I'll be sailing more with Erik next year and can tell you all about it, but in the meantime, you can tell me about it!

More details can be found on Erik's website at