Day 5: Running downwind to the Abacos

Good morning from Sojourner! As of 0930 EST we are in position 24 21 N, 073 04 W and running square before a SE breeze around 15 knots. A nice big, long swell lifts our stern and surges us forward every 15 seconds or so, and we are averaging around 6.5 knots.

Yesterday evening we set the running rig as the wind continued to clock from E to SE. By just before dinner time we were nearly 20 degrees off course. So we set the genoa to windward (starboard) on the spin pole and continued on through the night, which was filled with brilliant stars. Jupiter shone brightest right overhead on my watch, with Orion just to the west. The Milky Way glowed in the sky.

This morning on my 0600-0900 watch the wind eased a bit and continued to clock. Kevin and I jibed the whole running rig, which is rather time consuming with all the guy lines and preventers involved. We slowly and methodically brought everything around, and are now on a port tack for the first time, the genoa piled out to port and the reefs shaken out of the mainsail. Full sail for the first time sine leaving St. Lucia and easy, beautiful sailing. So far, 1000 miles have passed under Sojourner's keel since leaving St. Lucia.

Until Next Time, Andy and the Crew