Offshore on Sojourner: Outfitting in St. Lucia

Dad, Marcia and I got into St. Lucia yesterday around 5pm. First time we've been on the boat since just after Christmas. We came back to a little bit of of mold, but for the most part it was at we left it.

I spent the day getting the rigging inspected, stitching a small tear in the Solent jib, getting the dinghy lashed down and provisioning. Our crew Daniel showed up about an hour ago. Overall, I've never felt more ready for an offshore trip. Goes to show how nice it is to have have the boat so ready to to in the fall. THAT was tons of work - but now it's paying dividends. All the safety gear is set up and ready to go, so now it's just about executing.

I'm sending this blog post in via email to test our sat phone system. If it works okay, I'll be posting here regularly with our position for the sake of our crews friends and family. We expect to take 2-3 days to get to St Croix, leaving St Lucia tomorrow morning, then it'll be off to the Bahamas after a short layover and crew change. Follow our progress here, and leave your comments!

Cheers, Andy