Lesson learned

Today was a big day on Arcturus, and a not so fun day. We started at nine in the morning and was not done until late afternoon. First project was to clean the entire bilge and engine room, and second project to get the first coat of paint on, both project successful! 

Lesson learned today (something everyone already know) is not to keep stuff in the pockets while working in the bilge. As I climbed down and just got in to the perfect prezel position, I heard the noise "donk donk plopp". I reached in my pocket and felt nothing, that meant that the cell phone just fell in the bilge... Unfortunately, this was before the cleaning had started so I laid down on my stomach in the dirt and reached down. Luckily, I found it, and even better, it still works! So happy I did not have my iPhone in my pocket! 

Not too easy to get down in the deep down bilge

Sucess! I found my phone, and it works!