Things on sailboats that annoy me offshore...

I was cleaning out my desk just now and came across a list that I had brainstormed during a particularly frustrating moment on a recent yacht delivery. Incidentally, this is one of many, many lists that I create during offshore passages - I cannot NOT think about stuff when out on the high seas. Some of the other topics I'll share in due course include: Business Ideas, Top Five Offshore Tricks, and Refit Ideas for Arcturus. Without further ado, things that annoy me...

-self-tending jibs of which you cannot adjust the sheet lead fore/aft
-single-line mainsail reefing
-lines led to the cockpit in 'clutch farms'
-winches that are too small
-chartplotters in the cockpit
-no real seaberths
-crappy furniture construction
-no seawater pump in the galley
-belowdecks jib furling drums
-mid-boom mainsheets
-no attachment point on the end of the boom!
-no attachment points along the toerail
-electronic wind indicators
-flat-bottomed forefoots that pound your brains out in
-no handpump for freshwater
-headsails that are too small