Saudade update - blue sky and great sailing

10.00 April 9 2013

21˚ 16' N / 064˚ 55 ' W

Wind 15 kt from E, Boat speed 7-8kt!

I just got off the phone with Andy, their first day at sea on Saudade. They left St. Thomas yesterday, April 8th, around noon and are just coming up on their first 24 hr run. Eveyone on the boat is happy, no one has been sea sick but everyone is a bit tired. They are starting to get their sea legs but it will probably take a bit before they feel normal on the boat.

The wind is perfect at the moment, 15 kt from the E, and they are sailing pretty much due North! Andy estimate 190 miles in the first 24 hr!

As I speak to the boat, I will update the website, hopefully once a day! So keep an eye on the website every day and you will get an update on the trip.

Saudade April 9. Bermuda is marked with the arrow, thats where they are going.