Susie Q update - Around Cape Hatteras

35˚ 18' N / 075˚ 13' W

Andy called again this morning to get the weather. Andy was sound asleep but his dad woke him up so he could call me on time.. He should have just let him sleep, I am here all day :)

They had a good night, the wind got a bit light over night and shifted north around midnight. Tonight or early tomorrow morning they should be in the Chesapeake Bay.

Andy Staus was a god pick as a crew member, even though he never sailed before. He has been cooking breakfasts in the rough weather, and two days ago when he and Andy was up on the foredeck getting the big gennaker down he turn to Andy and said "I love this...!". Not everyone who is willing to be up on the foredeck in nasty conditions and actually enjoying it! :)

This is where the boys are, and what the weather looked like this morning:

35˚ 18' N / 075˚ 13' W - April 2nd, 2013 09.00