Saudade update - less than 150 miles away

Saudade is now getting close to Rhode Island where they will end the trip.

37˚ 20' N / 067˚ 45' W

Andy reported a fantastic night last night. No moon was up and it was very dark. The white caps glowed in the dark by all phosphorescent and it was magic according to Andy. Half way through his night watch, a couple dolphins visited him.

Yesterday when they still were in the gulf stream, they took advantage of the warm weather and water and stopped for a swim. As soon as they got out of the gulf stream, the water temperature dropped from 79F to 60F, and the air temperature dropped as well.

They are now less than 150nm way, planning to make landfall in Pirate Cove Marina in Portsmouth, RI.

Saudade 18 April 2013, Positon 37˚ 20' N / 067˚ 45' W