Saudade update

37˚ 20' N / 067˚ 45' W

Saudade is sailing (and motor) along, less than half way to go.

Billy put a patch on for this leg and Andy claimed he is now a new person, in a good way. He was pretty seasick on the way up to Bermuda but they bought some medicin that worked great. Austin did not put a patch on and got very seasick the first day but starting to feel better now. :) I always get seasick, it is nothing worse in the world, but such a relief when I start to feel better.. :)

Last night some grilled cheese and ham sandwiched was served and Andy's pumpkin soup is on the menu tonight.

Crew change in Bermuda, from left: David, Andy, Austin, Billy, Lindsey & Casey. Photo by Carole Longendyke

37˚ 20' N / 067˚ 45' W