Saudade update - saling fast

Sorry for the delayed update, I will do better and update before lunch tomorrow...

16 April 09,00EST

34˚ 51' N / 065˚ 56' W

Andy called in this morning to check for weather. We didn't talk much about the sailing as I wanted to update him on the awful day in Boston yesterday. I was not there my self, but have friends and family living up there and running in the race, no one of them was hurt.

Anyway, Andy reported fast sailing, around 8kt during the night and at 09.00EST they had already covered 155 miles! They must be good sailors :)

I will get a better update on the crew tomorrow, I am always curios to hear about some fun stories, what they had for dinner etc. So check back tomorrow (Wednesday) before noon EST and I will have an update for you!

Saudade 16 April 2013 Position: 34˚ 51' N / 065˚ 56' W