Saudade - pictures

Saudade coming in to Bermuda. 

Saudade got in to Bermuda yesterday around lunchtime. A very happy crowd :)

The first stop was custom dock and they are now in that small marina next to the customs dock. I assume it is a bit early in the season for boats to travel north because Andy mentioned St. George's harbor is almost empty. It will not be in a few weeks when our Atlantic Cup and ARC Europe fleet will arrive! :)

On arrival, David and his wife greeted the boat on arrival. A big surprise for Lindsey who did not expect her mum the be there :) Austin, the new crew member showed up and they all went off to lunch. 

Billy has some friends living in Bermuda so Andy and Austin went to visit them for dinner last night. Andy was amazed with the place, up on the hill around where Bermuda radio is and overlooking the harbor :)

Hope you enjoy this photos, thanks to Billy who took them and shared them with me to put on the blog!

Photos from St. Thomas

Saudade tied up in Bermuda