Saudade - close to Bermuda

Andy called me this morning at 07,30 my time (EST). He was all excited, they were about 25 miles from Bermuda. Only 10 kt of wind from behind, so not enough to push the Tayana forward. The motor was on.

Bermuda will be a great stop for them, and I am very jealous I have to admit. I also want to go to Bermuda!

In Bermuda, they will change crew. Lindsey and Casey will fly home, and Lindsey's dad David will jump on the boat. He is currently in Bermuda and will greet them at the dock on arrival :) Also, a guy named Austin Moon will join Saudade in Bermuda. He is flying in today so pretty good timing on the plane tickets there.

As I jinxed Susie Q and spoke too soon on their arrival, I am not going to say anything about Saudade until they are tied up, anything can happen, and in fact you are not there until you are actually there. Susie Q ended up aground, 50 yard from the breakwater, in the middle of the channel going in to Rock Hall. 

So, we will see when Saudade tie up to the customs dock, excited for the phone call from Andy.

St. George's in Bermuda, the "town cut" where they will enter is marked with a small arrow