Saudade update

Here comes the today update from Saudade.

29˚ 35' W 064˚ 43' W

The wind is very light, about 5kt from behind so the engine is turned on and they are heading for Bermuda.

Andy told me a fun story from yesterday. They were sailing along, great wind and the boat was moving fast but only making 6kt. It seamed slow so the conclusion was either a current against them or something maybe caught on the boat. They used it as an excuse to go swimming, hove to and jumped in one at the time. Of course nothing was wrong and a few hours later the boat speed was up to 7-8 kt again. Andy described the swim as "very refreshing". :)

They have been doing single watches with 3hr at the time. Lindsey and Casey stayed on watch together the first night, but now everyone has their own watch. Andy has been writing, listening to music, reading his book and just mentioned this morning, "Mia, I have a very cool plan...". Oh boy, Andy and all his ideas, haha!

Lindsey coked some great enchiladas yesterday for dinner and they have been eating well. Andy had a pot of coffee on the stove when we spoke this morning. 

12 April Saudade, 29˚ 35' W 064˚ 43' W