Saudade update - great sailing

26˚ 55' N / 065˚ 03'W

Saudade is moving along, blue sky, wind from the E at 12-15 kt and no waves. Can't be much better?

Andy called me again this morning. A front will come through but not until Saturday-Sunday and they should be in by then if nothing happens. The trip has been very uneventful so far.The 2nd day out, the wind got light and Andy and Casey decided to stop the boat and jump in for a swim. No dolphins in sight, but many flyning fish.

Yesterday the starboard running backstay broke, but Andy the handyman fixed it and no harm done. They are eating well, last night they had a feast on the Lasagna Casey and Lindsey made before they left. Andy has ben eating to much dark chocolate and I am sure they have some nice treat aboard Saudade.

Nothing more to report, check back on the blog tomorrow for more updates.

11 April 2013, 26˚ 55' N / 065˚ 03'W Can you predict where they will be tomorrow? :)