Susie Q Update - Gulf stream and light wind

30˚ 00'N / 078˚ 0'W

Andy called me again this morning at 09.00 (local time). The boys are having a great time and the wind is just starting to fill in.

Yesterday around lunchtime the wind got very light and by afternoon it died completely, the water was flat calm during the night. Andy had a watch until midnight last night. He could start see a few ripples on the water so he hoisted the big gennaker (its on a furler) if Dennis or Andy Staus got some wind during their watches. The wind didn't fill in until just now, at nine in the morning. 10-15 kt from behind and the big gennaker is hoisted. 

Last night, Andy served a tuna salad to Dennis delight, no one have been seasick and Andy's comment how they were doing was "Having good fun". The patches on the jib is holding up good and it looked okay when they furled it yesterday.

Some stronger winds from SW should start fill in by tomorrow and they should have a good ride. They are currently in the outer part of the Gulf Stream and riding a current of about 1kt. 

This is it from today, will hear from Andy again tomorrow morning.

Susie Q 30 March 2013, 09.00 local time: 30˚ 00' N / 078˚ 0'W