Susie Q Uptade - headwinds

Andy called me 09.00 this morning as planned and I gave them the weather update. They had about 15 kt on the nose and that corresponded with the GRIB's I was looking at. The wind will get lighter and should come up behind them in a day or two. All looks good.

The boys have kept themselves busy. Yesterday when they first rolled out the jib they discovered a big tear in it from before. Andy was positive though and said that it was almost good they didn't discover it in Green Turtle Cay because there was no way they could have fixed it there anyway. 16 patched and 8 hr later, they hoisted the jib and it was holding up during the night and will hopefully take them all the way to the Chesapeake Bay. 

Andy Staus who never been sailing before had a great time, he even had his own 3 hr watch last night! No seasickness reported!

In the picture below, you can see where they were 29 March 2013,  09,00 (this morning).  27°48'N / 078°05W.

Susie Q 29 March, 2013 09.00 (local time)  27°48'N / 078°05W