Susie Q update - under way!

I spoke to Andy this morning, they got under way just before 08.00 at high tide. They had no problem leaving the dock and get out. Andy said he will relax a bit more when they finally get out in open water and away from the reefs.

Susie Q is a Hanse 400 who participated in ARC Bahamas last year. Dennis helped the owner Richard to sail the boat from its home port Rock Hall on the Chesapeake Bay down to the start of ARC Bahamas in Hampton, VA. The boat spent its winter in Green Turtle Cay (ARC Bahamas final destination) and its now time to sail her north. 

On board the boat is Andy and his dad Dennis, and the non-sailor Andy Staus. The two Andy's went to school together and Andy St has spent much time in Alaska traveling and adventuring. He was thrilled when he got the opportunity to be on a sailboat and go ocean sailing for the first time! 

Andy told me the wind was on the nose, but light. I (Mia) is going to be their weather forcaster for the trip, I am expecting a phone call from the boats sat phone every morning and will read them the GRIP files from the computer. We had it this way when we crossed the Atlantic but then it was me and Andy on the boat and Dennis at home in front of the computer.

I will update on this blog every time I talk to the guys so keep checking the website!

Andy and his sister Kaitie in Florida before Andy flew over to Bahamas.