Photos for the Atlantic crossing on Kinship

I have now uploaded all the photos from the Kinship trip to the computer and there is a lot. Thank God the computer has a lot of space nowadays! As you can understand, it was very hard to pick the best ones, so I decided to just upload a lot and share the experience with you. I also decided to pick a favorite and for now it is the landfall pic to the left here, maybe not the best photo, but the moment when we spotted land was an amazing moment. Hope you enjoy the photos!

 Las Palmas Marina and lunch at The Sailors Bar
Some of the vegetables and fruits that came along
 No need to keep big fenders on the boat...
Kinship crew before Departure #1
Tim's friends from the marina is waving Good Byes!
First dinner off shore, looks pretty clam uh?
The broken shroud and the rig tuning in Las Palmas

Kinship hauled out

 Las Canteras - the beach in Las Palmas
View from the club.

So, a lot of work had to be done when we came back to Las Palmas, and Tim almost got overwhelmed.   A lot of good things happened though and we departed Saturday afternoon, a nice sunny day! The following photos are from the departure number 2 and the ocean sailing from Las Palmas to Tortola. 
Kinship crew Departure #2
 Sail changes and dolphin visits :) 
Kinship book club
 Chef Szabo and dishwasher Hasset
and navigator Schell
Our one and the only attempt to fish
Watt & Sea caught a new wig one day
 Squalls now and then..
 Half way celebration
Mia - the champion of "Battle ship"
Last piece of fruit
 Many flying fish landed on deck, unfortunately most were dead when we found them
Kinship book club continuing
The Kinship turkshead, mine and the boats.

Walter the Whale showing off his belly. After talking to friends and doing some research online I declare that Walter is a pilot whale. 
Double rainbow

The crossing took us about 20 days. We spotted St. Marin and the surrounding islands around14.00 local time on Thursday February 1st. The sail beteen St. Marin and Anguilla was fantastic and we arrived in the BVI's early Friday morning, entered between Round Rock and Ginger Island. The first stop was Virgin Gorda to clear customs and Check in. We also stayed there a few hours to enjoy some beers and land food; Chicken Roti!
The bay in St. Marin where the Broadreach pad is, and where I learned to waterski.
 Virgin Gorda
Kinship crew on arrival in Virgin Gorda, Feb 1st, 2013
Dennis & Andrew
Me (Mia) & Tim
 Nanny Cay Marina
 The last surprise from "the Kinship store", a bottle with bubble on arrival :)
We arrived to Nanny Cay in Tortola on Friday around lunch time. We cleaned the boat but I can't say that we worked too hard. Soon enough I found myself next to the pool with a drink in my hand. Not to complain ;)
  Andrews new friend, can you see him, look closely

The flight home was very cool, me and Dennis got to fly a small Cape Air 10 person plane from Tortola over to Puerto Rico!!
Our little plane, the view over the islands and the landing in Puerto Rico!

Ok, me and Dennis are now back in PA, snow on the ground and the temperature is just above zero. I love it ;) A lot of work to catch up to, and amazing to be back with Andy again! Hope you enjoyed the photos and the blogs we had on Kinship. Have a great time!