Andy's favorite Caribbean islands


Hi guys! Thanks to all of the Caribbean 1500 crews that joined me in Peg Leg's yesterday for my seminar. I promised photos, and here they are! Brief captions for each. This is but a small selection. You really can't go wrong wherever you go, and take my advice and find out stuff for yourself. And don't forget - just like this event, it's the people you meet along the way that you'll remember the most.

I've also include some links to articles that we've posted over the past year or so that are pertinent, with more photos (some are from ARC Europe, but might interest you guys!). Some of them are in Swedish, so just click the "translate" thing on the right sidebar of the page.

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"St Lucia Hinterland and the ARC Village"

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"Magnus Olsson sails on Triumph in the ARC"


"Snart ar det dags"


Turtle sanctuary in Bequia


The boat bar at the end of the runway at the St. Maarten airport - a must! Just don't stand behind the planes when they take off...


The boat bar again, at SXM airport in St. Maarten, on the dutch side.


About halfway along the trail to the boiling lake in Dominica. This is about where we stopped to boil eggs in the hot springs.


The market in Roseau, Dominica, by far the best (and cheapest) in the entire Caribbean.

Here and elsewhere, definitely try and stock up on local produce - it's the most nutritious and usually the cheapest - plus, the locals love teaching you how to cook it!


View of Castries harbor in St. Lucia from the wind-ey mountain road leading out of town.


The 'Pad' at our Braodreach base in St. Martin, behind the marina in Anse Marcel.


Another view of the market in Roseau, Dominica.


The dock at Drop Anchor in Roseau, Ashley Richards' place. Smaller boats can tie alongside in about 12' of water, or use the dock for dinghies for free!


View from the end of the dock at Drop Anchor Dominica. There are moorings just off the dock as well.

By water, sail south from the capital of Roseau (where the ferry dock is), about a mile or two, and in the small indentation in the land you'll see the moorings.


Goats in Gros Islet, the local village adjacent to the marina in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.


The market in Castries, St. Lucia, another of our favorites. Second only to Roseau!


The view from the top of the hill in Ile Fourche, just north of St. Barth's. Great for a sunrise hike.


The Juice Man in Roseau, Dominica! This guy has a stand outside the Rum Shack, which I forgot to mention in my talk. Go into town in Roseau and seek this place out - it's in an old stone fort, and has dozens of locally spiced and flavored rums to taste, plus tea and spices for sale and a small cafe. Great place.


The view over Trafalgar Falls in Dominica, with the local Kubuli beer in the foreground. I also didn't mention that it's worth trying to sample local stuff everywhere you go, particularly the beer. Almost every island makes their own, and Dominica's - which uses fresh rainwater from the mountains - is the best!


Martin, our guide from Portsmouth, Dominica, on the north end of the island. He's a reliable boat guy as well.


The one-time three-story house outside Plymouth, Montserrat, buried under ash from the volcano.


Max and DJ exploring inside the house in Montserrat.


The top of the garage roof next door in Montserrat.


Another view of the house in Montserrat buried by the volcano.


View from the top of Pigeon Island in Rodney Bar, St. Lucia. The finish line for the ARC rally is in the middle of this bay.


The local Piton beer in St. Lucia.


View of one of the Pitons from the exclusive hotel nestled between the peaks. We dinghied in here on the Broadreach trip, had some fruit juice and visited the pool!


The village of Morne in St. Lucia, during their Christmas Party. They called themselves 'The Secret Band.'


Ashley Richards from Drop Anchor, swimming with her dog Ginger in Titou Gorge, the head of the Boiling Lake hike in Dominica.


The 'Quill' volcano in St. Eustatia (Statia). I forgot to mention that a hike up and into the crater is a great activity shoreside in Statia, and relatively easy, as there are good trails all the way. Start from the bottom, right by the dock and ask the Golden Rock dive shop for directions.


View of the fort on Statia, just at the top of the slave trail.


One of the Broadreach girls jumping off the last of the Seven Sisters waterfalls in Grenada.


Ashley Richards from Drop Anchor jumping into the Titou Gorge in Dominica.