Baltimore Marathon: the English version, according to Google Translate...


Outside Camden Yards before the start.

Note: This is Mia's post from earlier today, as read by Google Translate. You'll get the drift - but the point of me (Andy) posting it is for the comedic value...enjoy!

Today we ran Baltimore Marathon.  I'm not sure where to start, but had thought summarize the day, the easiest is probably to start from the beginning ... 

Andy was moderately frustrated this morning when he woke up and realized that I had taken the last milk to the coffee, and his " half and half "(cream mixed with milk) was rock hard after standing out all yesterday. 

So not the best start to the day ..

In the United States counts marathon mile, 1 mile = 1.6 km. Full marathon is, in other words 26.2 mi or 42.2 km.

We came away from Annapolis around six o'clock in the morning, picked up our friend Micah and headed for Baltimore. 

Really cold morning, but the promised 18 degrees and sun. What would we dress ourselves in?Micah and I had the jacket a thick fleece hat and scarf when we knatade the arena where the start was. I kept a long-sleeved shirt but left the cap, fleece and scarf in your bag. Andy had his thin running jacket and hat and Micah was dressed like me, everyone had shorts! 

The beginning of the race was quite chilly, especially in the shade and the sun had difficulty reaching between the tall buildings. 

Forward half of the race, it was warm enough to dare to take off my long sleeves and the rest of the race I ran in linen.


Me, Andy and Micah before the race, outside Camden Yards (baseball stadium). Cold morning!


Oh how good it will feel when we see this sign over! Andy o Micah


Nice and cold morning, I love the feel and excitement in the air before the race starts!

I was a little unsure what would be served during the race so I had packed with me a couple of "GU" and Dextrosol in your back pocket. Forward mile 5 I was so hungry and longed for the promised lärabar that would be about. Oh, how hungry I was, ate a GU but it did not really. Was overjoyed when it was handed out bananas around mile 7! 

Lärabar kominte acted upon until mile 11 and I had with me four pieces, two pieces, I ate on the spot and two I put in back pocket for future stores, aha! 

I always get so hungry when I run ...?It was served Gatorade and water almost all the time, it felt like. Gatorade tasted crap, way too sweet for my taste and I muttered a long time why they could not dilute it with water. It took me about 10 miles to realize that I could simply do it yourself, blada water and Gatorade, Smart! haha, marathon brain does not react as quickly. However, I had difficulty getting into me also adulterated sports drink, the lysgula color gave me the feeling that I was drinking something radioactive, and good it really was not! 

I ate and smaskade entire race until the finish, at the end I pressed on me a couple of Dextrosol who gave me good energy .. 

As for the race itself and how the body felt ... I had a little hope to run under 4:30. 

Previously I ran at 4:17 (Stockholm Marathon 2009) and 4:06 (Stockholm Marathon in 2011), but with the little training I had done, I knew it would be tough to match these times. This round was also significantly more runs than Sthlm, so 4:30 seemed like a good goal. This meant that I would run about 10 minutes per mile. In the beginning everything felt fantastic, we ran through a zoo / park early and saw a few interesting birds, Andy liked the penguin! Forward half of the race it started to feel in my legs and I felt a blister under the left foot take off ... Best to ignore! Mile 14-18 was probably the toughest for me, the signs that tell you how many mile run we had so far only svischat past, but between 14-15 took the loooong time, anywhere from one to the other ... I realized that it just to drive on, keep the machine rolling and switch on the autopilot was the idea. I start to go, I will never get back on track and in other words never come into goals.

Height difference between Baltimore Marathon (Figure 1) and the Stockholm Marathon (Picture 2)


Baltimore Marathon

 , 300 feet is approximately 100 m 


Stockholm Marathon, little difference in altitude against Baltimore!

There were many long and tough hills, and towards the end they felt any length, and down the slopes were not to be trifled with, it hurt every muscle. I fought my way through the race, but have to say this was by far the toughest marathon I've done, legs and hips were really tired towards the end (I understand Bjorn now when he told me that he had pain in every little muscle after his Vasalopp last year). 

It was an amazing feeling to see the sign "Mile 26" and being so close to goal. 

I'm incredibly happy that we ran this marathon, but you know with me for next time what to do, more long runs, longer training period and more control in stomach, hips and back. 

It was absolutely fantastic to meet up with Andy and Micah after the race, everyone was in pain but was pleased with his time. 

Andy ran into at 3:55:11, I at 4:27:10 and Micah in amazing 4:43:33 (his first marathon ever, and he signed up and started training two weeks after us!) 

After the marathon, we went straight to Whole Foods and munched food until it squirted through the ears, and now we are back to the boat and do absolutely nothing, haha!


Micah o Andy after the run!


Tired feet and sweaty shoes!


Me and Micah resting after the race, we will manage to get us from here to our stiff legs?


The gang and I, it is clearly worth the bad leg for the feeling that arises afterwards of having undertaken the race!

Take care everyone at home and read! A little long to read, but it was a long marathon with many thoughts in my head!


ps. Andy wanted me to tell me that he stopped and patted every dog he saw during the race and afterwards ... 

Metal The cloth he was wearing were handed out after the race, so people would not get cold. Looks like a bunch of spacemen knatar around the area, haha! Me and Micah made it without them! 

ps2: A marathon runner who weighs about 72 kg burn on average 2822 calories. Andy feels satisfied that he now can eat whatever he wants! Found this info here

ps3: Here you can see my official time (Karlsson, Maria, bip: 2614), has not figured out how they plan to splits?