A note about advertisements...


Since Mia and I re-designed my fathersonsailing.com website, bringing over her blog (originally at miatravel.blogspot.com) and combining our efforts online, we've added some ads to the site. I had said for a while that I'd avoid this, because I normally dislike ads on the other sites I read (which by the way, are primarily npr.orggrantland.comgaragestrength.com and the handful of sites I list on the 'friends' sidebar of our site).

Anyway, we've included some ads. They are strictly for people and companies that we have reached out to (not vice versa), and that have in turn helped us out along the way, whether with sailing hardware, gear, dockage or what have you. So any of the ads you see on the site are for companies we would be supporting regardless, and which we believe in. We'll never be using Google's adsense, or posting random stuff here. Just the stuff we like and use ourselves. So there.