Lagavulin, Islay (Pronounced 'i-la') and Oban


'Seal Bay', or the narrows at the Ardmore Islands, Islay

We made it as far as Oban. The engine is working remarkably (thanks again Richard the mechanic!), and we had a fantastic 9-hour, 60-mile sail from the island of Islay up to Oban yesterday. Mia and I decided to head for the Caledonian Canal and do some inland exploring, before we pop out the other side and make a beeline for Sweden. The Scottish weather has blessed us with lots of sunshine (amazingly), but it's wool socks and hats on the boat, which is fine with us. Had our obligatory whisky tour on Islay, at the Lagavulin distillery (that's where the boat is anchored in the banner photo), and learned that all Scotch is whisky (no 'e' in Scotland), but not all whiskey is Scotch. More to come later.