Fun with Celestial!

Just a reminder to anyone interested in joining us for the Celestial Nav course in Annapolis. We're up to 4 confirmed entrants, so there are only two spots remaining. Check out the details, once more:
Celestial Navigation Workshop: $300.00
September 19 & 20, 8 am - 5 pm each day
Sarles Boatyard & Marina, in Eastport (Annapolis)
The course includes all materials needed to practice taking sights, reducing them, and plotting them on a chart. We have a few sextants and all plotting materials, but feel free to bring your own (in fact I encourage you to, if you have your own). 
We'll spend Saturday morning talking about the 'Big Picture' of celestial, what's going on out there in the heavens and how we can use it to navigate. Then we go sailing on Arcturus, take a bunch of practice sights of the sun, and spend the afternoon learning how to reduce and plot them. Sunday will be a bit more of the same, with a greater emphasis  of navigating by the stars (much easier than reducing a sun sight), using steering stars, and why I think celestial is just so darn cool.
Contact Andy at 484-269-3358 or to sign up. See you there.