The Barista at my New Cafe

I found a new coffee shop in Ft. Lauderdale. Finally. My search for a place to relax that had internet that is not my grandparents living room with the TV constantly blaring (I loathe you Bill O'Reilly) was fruitless. Starbucks' are everywhere (of course), and they have the freaking nerve to not only charge $4 for internet, but also have partnered with AT&T. Yet people still go there.
My new cafe, Cafe Rustica, is next to an old movie theatre, has big comfy couches, an authentic proprietor who really knows how to make coffee, free internet, and fantastic music. 
So I'm relaxing here now, talking to Mia on the computer and lamenting the fact that I have one more shot at perhaps the biggest test of my life tomorrow, one that I cannot study for, but must leave to fate. There is one thing about myself that I cannot change - how my freaking eyes see color. Tomorrow's my last chance to pass another color exam. I'm confident.
Today was Day Three of my Yachtmaster Offshore course at MPT. We spent the morning continuing with chart plotting, set and drift, tide tables, etc. I love that's high school math class all over again with a real-life application, and my brain is absolutely alive when solving this stuff. 
The afternoon was spent on the boat, a 48' motor yacht / trawler type thing that was way bigger than I expected it to be, way higher, and way more complicated than any boat I've ever driven. Yet it was incredibly simple. Two engines make quite a difference. I'm going to do well in this class.