Day One - 51.07

Decided I'd start a new challenge today. With the Stockholm Marathon looming in May, and me in the worst physical shape I've been in in years, it's high time for one.
Originally, my goal was a sub-3 hour goal. After checking in with John at the Annapolis Running Shop, we decided 3:30 would be slightly more realistic, especially considering the limited time remaining to train. Today that went out the window. 
Instead of 3:30, my new goal is now back to the sub-3 hour mark. In light of Lance's comeback, I've committed to a comeback of my own, and will strive to set his sub-3 hour mark from his first NYC marathon. I've ridden bikes with Lance, now I'll try to run like him.
Additionally, I've committed myself to exercising in some form, every single day between now and the marathon, on May 31. I never seem to be able to follow through with half-assed challenges, so maybe a bigger, more ridiculous one will better suit. Here's to Day One.