Closing Doors

Check out this NY Times article that Nate sent me. The premise is that we often suffer psychologically by having too many options open to us in life, whether it's with friends, job opportunities, places to live, etc. The conclusion is that it's not our want of having many options on the table that make us act this way, but rather the fear of watching an option disappear.
Which is the core problem of my existence at the moment. I'm stuck in a rut of doing a lot of different things very well, but not doing any one thing particularly magnificently; and I'm not doing anything that makes me any money. It's funny, my triathlon habit reflects this problem - as a whole, I swim, bike and run pretty well, but when the events are isolated I'm only slightly above average when it comes to racing. 
And there is this business of a career. I have a million different paths I could choose, and I know I'd be good at anything I decide on, but I can't seem to forfeit one path to pursue another, and I'm stuck with exactly that - a million options and no actual career. This will be something I need to figure out come fall - until then I have the spring with Woodwind to look forward to and the summer with Broadreach, but come next winter I want to have something to really focus on and forget about all of this other nonsense that is distracting me from being successful.