In Sweden, Canada is 'Kanada' and nobody is circumcised

I just watched a Peter Forsberg interview completely in Swedish. I know he's a Swedish guy and all, but he lives in America and now plays (again) for the Colorado Avalanche. It just seemed weird for him to be speaking Swedish.
On a related note, the Swedes spell 'Canada' with a 'K'! For some reason this is immensely satisfying to me. It also raises some questions. Why do other languages spell and pronounce countries differently? Why can't all countries just be spelled in their native languages. America is always 'America', Germany is always 'Deutschland' and Sweden is always 'Sverige.' Why have languages come in and changed everything? And how the hell did we get the word 'Germany' from 'Deutschland' anyway?
Finally, on a completely unrelated note, Dane would fit in marvelously in Sweden! Apparently circumcision is a very American (and Muslim, and Jewish) tradition, and it has definitely not spread to the Nordic countries. Why this conversation came up tonight I do not know, but after some fact-checking on Wiki, I've determined that I'm decidedly in the minority. Maybe it's a warmth issue or something.