Reactions to the Previous Comments

I don't know who's written the previous two comments, and didn't even realize they were posted until this morning...the post they are referring to was more of a 'what-if' and not necessarily a criticism of the United States. In fact, if you'd read the rest of my blog, you'd notice that I wrote extensively about how excited I am to come home...and the mere fact that I am writing from abroad is due to my freedom to travel as a US citizen. 
(And furthermore, writing about America from Abroad offers an outside perspective that is impossible to view from within our own country. I never said I was renouncing my citizenship or declaring war on the US. I'm traveling to experience the world and broaden my views. You know there are places worth experience outside your own country. Finally, the entire last post was based on an international CNN broadcast that I saw in Austria. It was one of the few times that I've watched the news and saw people talking about America from afar, and it offered a viewpoint that could simply be objective without trying to offer any solutions. It was very interesting, and I don't think my position is tarnished by being abroad. In fact, I think I can speak more objectively by removing myself from the norm.)  
The vague, 'we are a stable democracy' argument is relying on our history as a stable and powerful country and not looking towards the future. Don't you think the Romans and the Greeks, and even the recent English Empire relied on their 'collective goodness' when the signs started pointing to their demise? History has a funny way of repeating itself, and humans have a funny way of ignoring it. Wake up people. "The tragedy is that unfortunately this administration will follow its agenda regardless." This is not the tragedy. The tragedy is that my generation does not have enough collective willpower to create change. Don't you think the communists thought they were going to 'follow [their] agenda regardless.' I don't care how powerful a government becomes, the will of the people will always be stronger.  
Inevitably America will change. The status quo has never remained. Throughout our history, there have been waves of digust, followed by upheaval from the citizens, and significant change. This was my whole point about the MLK Jr. thing. And actually a praise of our country, since we have the power within our democracy to create change without violent revolution and radical orthodoxy.
To return to my first point, I still believe America is on the brink. It's been a long time since any significant change has taken place and our society has become stale and mired in historical solutions that no longer apply to the modern global circumstances of economy and war. My generation must be the next great generation to take responsibility and remove the negative taste in the worlds mouth with regards to the US.
People, please leave your name if you comment. This is supposed to be an open discussion, so stop hiding behind 'anonymous' and let yourself be heard. Debate is supposed to be fun.