Miserable Weather

I'm under way again, waiting for the boat to take me back across the
Elbe and to the bahnhof. My train won't leave for an hour, but the
cafe wouldn't let me sit there without buying something, and I only
have .80 Euros in my pocket. My clothes, my jacket and my backpack are
thoroughly soaked.

This is without a doubt the crappiest weather I've experience since
arriving in Europe, even in Sweden. The wind must be blowing 20-25
knots, the rain is blowing sideways and permeates into everything, and
the visibility is about 300 metres. Yesterday, conversely, was
gorgeous outside, and I wish I could have experience Bad Schandau
then. I would have stayed longer for sure.

The boat is small and the river runs swift. I'm joined by a middle-
aged German couple, and we continue to remain at the dock. There is a
small enclosure at the stern of the boat with 4 small tables and
booths, where i compose this entry. The wheelhouse is forward.

The Elbe valley is beautiful, and as I sit on the river, I get a neat
feeling from gazing upstream. The high sandstone cliffs rise on either
side of me, giving the area a surreal, closed-in feeling, partially
created by the weather, and creating a sort of mystery around the
town. The captain has just returned and we're departing the dock. I'm
freezing in my damp clothing, relief hours away in Prague...