Authenticity Revisited...

I'm not yet finished transferring all of my entries from this weekend onto my interweb blog, but I feel like I need to interject, and comment on my last entry about authenticity, that I wrote back on Saturday. 
First of all, I'm aware that that entry devolved into an alcohol-induced commentary on my surroundings, but I liked it nonetheless, and I enjoyed writing it immensely. I was in the best mood of the past three weeks, and I was simply writing what came to mind. I sometimes think that is when I write best, or at least enjoy it the most. 
I spent a lot of time in Melk enjoying my time there, but also commenting on how much Prague had been weighing on my well-being. Well, I may have found a small piece of Prague which is in fact authentic, and I feel I need to share it.
As I write this, I'm sitting in a small bar 4 subway stops from my apartment, but 6 subway stops from Old Town Square. Karinth, the Alaskan girl told me about the place. It's really just a local pub that happens to have wireless. I'm drinking a glass of wine, talking to Mia on Skype, and am surrounding by about a dozen Czech's enjoying an after-work beer and socializing. It feels like the Prague version of Davis Pub in Eastport, and actually looks a bit the same inside. Anyway, despite the smoke, it's a breath of fresh air, and has given me a slightly different impression of Prague.