My Head is Still Bigger Than Danes, plus Links!

 I was reading Dane's blog today, for a while actually. He's got some great insights, and is actually kind of funny, especially when he talks about deep squatting. Remember Dane, I used to have bigger legs than you. And I still have a bigger head. So check out his blog, I linked to it over there on the side.
I also added a link to my old website. I linked directly to my old blog archive. I was reading through it today and found some interesting ones that I had forgotten I'd written about. It's easier to link to them than to copy and paste them into this blog. So check it out.
Check out Kind of like an online Outside Magazine, more authentic and less gay. And check in regularly...I might be contributing soon.
Finally, check out He's an author who likes history and Lance Armstrong, and is an avid endurance athlete. I love his post about how endurance sports get absolutely no coverage in the American media, and very little globally. People's attention spans are way too short to appreciate it I guess. But if you get a chance, go watch a triathlon sometime, or better yet, participate in one. It's amazing what the human body can endure, and even more amazing what the mind can achieve. Endurance sports like triathlon push the body and the mind to limits (a terrible cliche, but it's true), and it's pretty incredible to watch, and even more incredible to experience. And it's way better than fucking baseball. Go fuck yourself Roger Clemens. (I love the Mitchell Report).